Sustainability Quiz

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Sustainable Development Quiz

N° 2020 - 417


Article 1 -       Organisation of the Game


1.1.      The Fédération Française de Tennis, an association governed by the French law of 1 July 1901 and a recognised non-profit organisation under the decree issued on 13 July 1923, having its registered office at Stade Roland-Garros, 2 avenue Gordon-Bennett, 75016 Paris (hereafter the "FFT"), is organising a game without entry fee or purchase obligation entitled "Sustainable Development Quiz" (hereafter the "Game”), to take place during Roland-Garros, the tournament the FFT organises between 21 September and 11 October 2020 (hereafter "Roland-Garros”).

1.2.      The game will take place online via the social networks detailed below and via the website



Article 2 -       Terms of participation


2.1.      Participants

2.1.1.  The Game is open to (i) any natural person, adult or child, (ii) regardless of their nationality, (iii) with or without a ticket for Roland-Garros 2020 (hereafter referred to individually or collectively as the "Participant(s)").

Participants who are minors must receive authorisation from a parent or guardian, as applicable, to take part in the Game. The FFT will request written evidence of such authorisation before issuing a prize to any winner who is a minor.

Prohibited from participating in the Game are any person directly or indirectly involved in the preparations of the Game, the FFT personnel and FFT management, including their direct family members.

2.1.2.  Participation in the Game takes place on a named and strictly personal basis. Under no circumstances may the Participant be permitted to play with multiple accounts, under multiple pseudonyms or on behalf of other Participants, nor play under a fake identity or contact details, nor impersonate or usurp the personal details of any third party, regardless of the means employed.

2.2.      Acceptance of the rules

2.2.1.  Participation in the Game signifies unreserved and irrevocable acceptance of the terms and conditions of these rules (the "Rules"), and of the laws and regulations applicable to contests and competitions.

2.2.2.  Any non-compliance with the conditions of participation set out in the Rules or any act that may be deemed to contravene French law and/or internet ethics shall invalidate participation in the Game, including possible prohibition on any further participation in the Game.


Article 3 -       Principle of the Game – Participation Process


3.1.      Principle of the Game

Throughout the duration of Roland-Garros 2020 (including the qualifying rounds), namely between 21 September and 11 October 2020, the FFT will ask Participants to answer an online quiz on sustainable development (hereafter the "Sustainable Development Quiz") via the following platforms:

-      Official website of Roland-Garros :

-      Official Facebook page of Roland-Garros :

-      Official Instagram page of Roland-Garros :


3.2.      Participation procedure

3.2.1.  To participate in the Game, each Participant must:

-      Answer all the questions of the Sustainable Development Quiz;

-      On completing the Quiz, provide their surname, first name, date of birth and e-mail address.

Only Participants who have answered all the questions of the Sustainable Development Quiz with at least three (3) correct answers (hereafter the "Shortlisted Participants") will be entered into the prize draw as set out in Article 5 of these Rules.

3.2.2.  In order to take part in the prize draw, each Participant must also read these Rules, which will be available for consultation in electronic format, and must expressly accept the conditions stated herein.

3.2.3.  Any failure to comply with the conditions set out in this article and, more generally, with the conditions set out in the Rules, will invalidate participation in the Game.

3.2.4.  Only 1 registration per Participant is permitted (same surname, first name(s), date of birth and e-mail address). Any attempt by an individual to make multiple registrations to the Game will automatically lead to cancellation of all the participations of the Participant in question.


Article 4 -       Prize


4.1.      The prize of the Game (hereafter the "Prize") is as follows:

✔     Two (2) Category 2 tickets for the Philippe-Chatrier court with a commercial value of three hundred and ten (310) euros including VAT, i.e. one hundred and fifty-five (155) euros including VAT per ticket, for Sunday 6 June 2021.

The value of the Prize is based on 2020 ticket prices. The prices may be changed for 2021.

4.2.      Each Participant is notified that the FFT will not cover any other costs not expressly stated in the details of the Prize set out in 4.1 above, notably: transport, regardless of the mode selected by the winner (as defined in Article 5.1 below) in order to obtain their Prize, and related expenses (accommodation, meals, cost of on-site transport, etc.).

4.3.      The FFT reserves the right to modify the Prize to other items of equal or higher value should the said Prize become unavailable. In any such case, no claim may be made against the FFT nor its liability invoked.


Article 5 -       Selection/notification of the winner


5.1.      Selection of the winner (hereafter the "Winner")

5.1.1.  The Winner will be selected by random draw from among the Shortlisted Participants properly registered for participation in the Game who have given at least three (3) correct answers to the Quiz, under the conditions contained in these Rules.

The random draw will be held after Roland-Garros 2020, at a date to be specified by the firm of judicial officers, SCP LPF & Associés. The Winner will be randomly selected by computer.

5.1.2.  The Winner selected by random draw will be awarded the Prize specified in Article 4 above under the conditions set out in Article 6 below.

5.2.      Notification of the Winner

5.2.1.  The Winner will be notified individually by the FFT of the result of the random draw via e-mail, at the address stated when registering to the Game as specified in Article 3.2.1 above.

Only the Winner of the Game will be notified of the outcome of the random draw. No e-mail or response will be sent to Participants not selected via the random draw.

5.2.2.  The Winner must respond by return of e-mail and confirm whether or not they will be accepting their Prize within seventy-two (72) hours of receiving the notification set out in the preceding paragraph (French date and time of connection, as evidenced by the IT system).

If no response is received within the aforementioned deadline, the Winner will be deemed to have rejected their Prize and the FFT shall be at liberty to dispose of the Prize as it sees fit; the liability of the FFT may not be invoked in this regard.

5.2.3.  Should the Winner have refused their Prize or not have complied with the Rules, said Prize shall be deemed not to have been awarded and will become the property of the FFT; the liability of the FFT may not be invoked in any way in this regard.

Should the contact details provided by a Winner in the form specified in Article 3.2.1 be unusable (incomplete, incorrect or non-existent e-mail address, etc.), the Winner in question shall be deemed to have refused their Prize. The Prize will be deemed to have been lost and the FFT shall be at liberty to dispose of the Prize as it sees fit; the liability of the FFT may not be invoked in this regard.


Article 6 -       Award and utilisation of the Prize


6.1.      The Winner will be sent two e-tickets to the e-mail address provided during registration, valid for the day specified in the Prize description.

To this end, the Winner shall be obliged to notify the FFT of the surnames and first names of the beneficiaries of said tickets. E-tickets are valid for the named person only and may be modified up to 48 hours prior to the validity date of the tickets constituting the Prize. No modification will be accepted less than 48 hours prior to the validity date. If any beneficiary is a minor, the second beneficiary accompanying the minor must hold parental authority or be able to provide proof of parental permission.

6.2.      The acceptance of tickets to matches signifies full and unreserved acceptance by the ticket beneficiaries of the 2021 Roland-Garros ticketing general terms and conditions of sale, which may be viewed at:, and of the internal rules of Stade Roland-Garros, which may also be viewed at:

In this regard, any form of sale or transfer of the tickets given as Prizes, whether against payment or free of charge, is prohibited unless provided for otherwise in the 2021 Roland-Garros general terms and conditions of sale.

In the event of Roland-Garros 2021 being cancelled, whether in whole or in part, and/or in the event of any match being postponed or interrupted for a reason outside the control of the FFT, or for safety reasons, the beneficiaries' tickets will not be reimbursed or exchanged.

6.3.      The FFT may not be held liable under any circumstances should the Winner be unable to use their Prize for reasons outside the control of the FFT.

6.4.      The Winner must have completed any administrative formality required for them to take possession of and use their Prize. The Winners must enjoy the physical and legal capacity to be able to benefit from and use their Prize in a proper and normal manner. Under no circumstances may the liability of the FFT be invoked in this regard.

6.5.      No Prize may give rise to any form of dispute or claim. They may not be the subject of any financial consideration nor be exchanged for any other item or service.

6.6.      Should the circumstances so dictate, the FFT reserves the right to replace the Prize with another Prize of equivalent value, without its liability being invoked as a consequence.

6.7.      The FFT reserves the right to exclude from the Roland-Garros stadium the Winner and/or person accompanying the latter whose conduct may be deemed to be incompatible with the smooth running of Roland-Garros and/or which may undermine the safety and security of property and/or persons, and/or which may contravene the internal rules of the Roland-Garros stadium and/or the 2021 Roland-Garros ticketing general terms and conditions of sale.


Article 7 -       Liability


7.1.      The liability of the FFT is strictly limited to the provision of the Prize actually and validly won in accordance with the Rules, subject to the Participant's compliance with the latter, apart from in circumstances where said provision is rendered impossible for any reason outside the control of the FFT.

7.2.      On occurrence of an event of force majeure or due to circumstances outside of its control, the FFT may not in any way be held liable should it not be possible for the Game to be conducted normally, should the Winner be unable to receive or use their Prize or, where the circumstances so dictate, should the FFT be required to shorten, extend, cancel or amend the conditions of the Game.

7.3.      The FFT can accept no responsibility for:

✔   Any defect, malfunction or bug affecting the internet and preventing the normal operation of the Game;

✔   Any problem or malfunction affecting operator platforms;

✔   Any human or electrical error preventing the proper operation of the Game;

✔   Any other form of disruption that may affect the proper operation of the Game;

✔   Any occurrence of an event of force majeure as defined by case law at the French Court of Cassation.


7.4.      Participants connecting to the website and pages listed in Article 3.1 of these Rules do so under their sole responsibility.

The FFT can accept no responsibility should it not be possible to access the website and pages listed in Article 3.1 for technical, updating or maintenance reasons. Under no circumstances may the FFT be held liable for any such disruption or the consequences thereof.

7.5.      The FFT may in no way be held liable if, for reasons outside its control:

✔    The Prize is not handed out (e.g. refusal or non-confirmation by the Winner within the deadline set out in Article 5.2, any late or non-attendance by the Winner and/or of any person accompanying the latter, any non-receipt for any reason whatsoever of an e-mail or of the Prize at the stated address or the incorrect address of the Winner, or in the event of theft, loss, etc.);

✔    The Prize is received by the Winner in a damaged or destroyed condition;

✔    The Prize subsequent to its receipt is lost or damaged for any reason whatsoever.

Under no circumstances will any compensation be offered to a Winner unable to enjoy their Prize for reasons not attributable to the FFT.

Should the Prize be unable to be submitted to the Winner for reasons outside the control of the FFT, said Winner shall lose their rights to said Prize.

7.6.      The FFT can accept no responsibility for any incident or accident that may occur during utilisation of a Prize by the Winner and/or person accompanying the latter.

7.7.      The FFT reserves the right to terminate or suspend the Game in the event of fraud or attempted fraud.


Article 8 -       Personal data


8.1.      The personal data provided is necessary to be able to participate in the Game. Said data will be processed by computer. The recipients of the data are the Fédération Française de Tennis in its capacity as data controller and the company Nexence in its capacity as data processor.

8.2.      The data will be used solely for the purposes of participation in the Game and will never be communicated to third parties.

8.3.      In accordance with Articles 39 and 40 of the French data protection act of 6 January 1978, as amended in 2004, you enjoy the rights of access, modification, rectification and, as applicable, deletion, with regard to your personal data. Said rights may be exercised via the Data Protection Officer of the FFT ( For legitimate reasons, you may also refuse to allow any processing of your personal data.


Article 9 -       Registration and modification of the Rules


9.1.      The Rules have been deposited with the firm SCP LPF & Associés, officers of the court, whose registered office is located at 7, rue Sainte Anastase, 75003 Paris.

Throughout the duration of the Game, the Rules may be viewed in full at, on the webpage devoted to sustainable development.

The Rules will be forwarded free of charge on request, sent to: Fédération Française de Tennis – CSR Unit – "Sustainable Development Quiz" game - Stade Roland-Garros – 2, avenue Gordon-Bennett – 75016 Paris.

9.2.      The FFT may modify the Rules at any time by way of amendment. Any such modifying amendment will also be deposited with SCP LPF & Associés.


Article 10 -    Identity verification


Participants authorise any verification to be made concerning their identity. Any false declaration of identity is liable to invalidate participation in the Game and, as applicable, will prohibit the Winner from receiving and using their Prize, which is hereby expressly acknowledged and accepted by the Participant.


Article 11 -    Fraud


11.1.   Any fraudulent, deceitful, incomplete or illegible participation containing inaccurate data, or which proves to provide a false identity after verification, shall invalidate said participation. In such circumstances, the participation will be cancelled without prejudice to any damage that may be claimed and/or any action that may be taken by the FFT and any Prize shall be forfeit.

11.2.   It is strictly prohibited to modify or attempt to modify by any means whatsoever the mechanisms of the Game, notably for the purposes of modifying the results or any factor determining the outcome of the Game and the designation of the Winner. In any such case, the provisions of Article 12 shall apply.


Article 12 -    Dispute/Applicable law


12.1.   Any dispute arising out of the application of the Rules shall be settled amicably whenever possible. Should it not prove possible to reach an amicable settlement regarding the application or interpretation of the Rules, any dispute arising out of the Game shall be submitted to the courts with jurisdiction over the registered office address of the FFT, unless provided for otherwise in public policy.

12.2.   The Rules shall be governed by French law.


Article 13 -    Miscellaneous


13.1.   In the event of any contradiction between the Rules and any message or information relating to the Game, the Rules shall prevail.

13.2.   Should any stipulation of the Rules prove to be invalid or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining stipulations shall not be affected. The parties shall seek to replace the invalid or unenforceable stipulation with a valid stipulation that most closely resembles the intention of the original stipulation.

13.3.   Any dispute or claim must be notified within one month of the conclusion of the Game as specified in Article 1 of the Rules, to SCP LPF & Associés, which will subsequently forward said matter to the FFT. No dispute or claim will be accepted beyond this deadline.

13.4.   Only this version of the Rules has legal force. Any other version or translation is provided for information purposes only in order to assist non-French speakers and has no legal status.


Sustainability Quiz

ENGIE partenaire officiel de Roland-Garros

The 2020 Sustainability Quiz is now over,
thank you for participating.

The winners will be notified by e-mail.

See you in 2021!

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